The theme of this semester…

This semester, the spring of 2013, my goal is to cover every dimension surrounding God and his love for us. We as his creation forget through every day life that we were made to simply love and be loved by the king of all glory. God didn’t “need” to make humanity, but he chose to just for his enjoyment, even though we have brought him tons of frustration in the process (if we could only imagine.) Then he chose to send his only son to die for us all, to give us a chance to make it to heaven, even knowing that most would deny him and not choose to love him in return. I am not going to force anything down anyone’s throat, but my goal is just to better explain why i am passionate about God and his love for me. Hopefully whoever chooses to read this will further understand why it’s important to have a true, genuine relationship with God, and will allow their passion to be fueled by him.Image

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