Rest for the weary…

As i start this semester with a full 18 hours of fairly difficult and time consuming courses, I feel myself begin to get overwhelmed by the massive amounts of work to get done, in the “oh so small” time frame i’m given to complete it. And i also begin to look ahead toward the middle or end of the semester and think to myself “i’ll be so burned out by then”, and you know, maybe i will, or maybe i won’t. However, I do know this, When i am stressed out about all there is to get done, or learning, or growing, or gaining knowledge, the only knowledge that really matters in the big scheme of things is that God is always here, and he always offers a shoulder to rest my weary head on. I can always come to God in my time spent with him, and let go of the rest of the world and know that HE IS GOD, and he always HAS and always will BE. I can’t rest assured that my mind won’t be scattered into a thousand pieces by the end of this semester, but i can be assured that he will help me pick up whatever gets broken, or lost. Image

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