Works for the sake of Love…

Many people look at individuals who have given their entire lives up for selfless acts of service to God, (for example, missionaries, pastors, etc…) and are blown away at why anyone in their right mind would do the things that they have chosen to do. I, also, used to look at these people through this lens. So many individuals have spent their entire life in church and “trying to do right” only because of the legal system that is underlined within the foundation of the church and all of the “religion” that it brings, not because of a genuine relationship and love between them and their creator. What is truly so sad about those situations is that the only thing that would have to happen to feel God’s love, is a small amount of effort on the individuals part to seek God outside of the church (i.e. Prayer, Study.) Passion doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. Passion is something built throughout time, when you begin to see some of your effort produce beneficial results. 

THAT is why there are men and women who are PASSIONATE about giving up their selfish lives, to live selflessly for God. They got past all the “religious do’s and don’ts” and finally found God. They quit relying on other people around them like the pastor, or their parents, or their spouse to keep them interconnected with God, and they chose to dig in to time with him and there they found him. 

When you feel the love of God, and you have what i would call “A God Encounter” no longer do you have to receive anything else to do something selfless for his cause. The only thing you need after that point is more of him, and more of his presence.

So “the works” that are done by servants of God aren’t for personal gain. They are just craving more of him, more of his love, and that’s the greatest reward they could ask for…Image

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