There is power in the name of Jesus. To break EVERY chain…

I know a lot of people. 

I know a lot of people who are christ seekers, and i know a lot of people who are just “drifters” as i would call them, they are just drifting as the wind carries them. And i know a lot of people who are runners, and they have been running their entire life. And then last but not least, I know many prisoners. Prisoners of their own mind, prisoners of their own mistakes, and prisoners of all the lies that have been pumped to them from those around them their entire life.

But this is always the remaining truth.

The voice of God ALWAYS penetrates any “noise.” 

We all will go through times and trials in our lives that leave us feeling alone. That leave us feeling as though God doesn’t hear us anymore, and maybe he isn’t even there any more. Maybe we’ve messed up too much. Maybe God gave up. “If I were God, I would have given up on me by now.”

But that’s the beauty of it all. We cannot begin to think through the mind of God. God operates under “Agape Love.” TRUE, UNCONDITIONAL, love. So under NO circumstances will God ever quit on you. Even if you’re a runner. Even if you’re a prisoner. Even if you’re a drifter. He’s always there. 

All you have to do to come home is say “Jesus, I want the freedom that comes with knowing you once again.” 

Then guess what. WELCOME HOME. God would love to break those chains that bind us up, but we must first LET HIM. Quit trying to take care of your own problems, or make your own path. Give it to him. ………

Give it to him. He wants to take it. Quit trying to control it, and release yourself from it. Let the power of Jesus Christ break …every…single…chain.

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