Pride VS Surrender

Many times in my life, i catch myself being very prideful. I will be the first to admit that I HATE being wrong. But i will not be the first to actually admit that i’m wrong. Funny how that works. 

But i’ve learned through my stubbornness that when i’m willing to surrender myself up, and drop my foolish pride, not only am i set free from that bondage, but i show those around me that they can do that same thing… 

So not only am i set free, but i’m helping those around me realize it too.

Pride hinders our relationship with God, and is the #1 obstacle with being “real” or being “transparent” with our heavenly father, and those around us. 

So I encourage whoever chooses to read this today, to “raise your white flag”. 

Surrender all to God, your plans, your finances, your relationships, everything. 

God Bless!!Image

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