Doing Life the way that Jesus did life!

I love looking back into the books of the Gospel and looking at the relationship that Jesus had with his disciples. If it weren’t for him pouring his life into them, the church may not have ever really taken off as it did.

Jesus didn’t hangout on wednesday’s and sunday mornings and nights with his 12 guys, He “did life together” with them. He was there for them through the good and bad times, and they for him. Want to know why they were so devoted to him? Because they knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was the real deal, because he was ALWAYS with them.

So i challenge each of you guys, to invest in people around you. It’s easy to just scratch the surface with your relationships, and only have 1-2 people in your life that you are completely real with and pour into. But when you begin to be transparent with people and genuinely love them and show them that, the way that Jesus did his disciples, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see.

Anyone in ministry, bookmark this. Because it will be one of your greatest tools to success.

Anyways, Much Love and God Bless!!



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