Grace… How important it really is.

For so many pastors that i’ve heard or currently hear, I have to ask myself one question. “Did the cross change anything for them?” 

 I cannot help but think to myself that they are still acting and preaching as though we are still under old covenant law. It’s like when he gets done preaching, we are going to have to bring our spotless animal sacrifices to the altar. Give me a break right???

NO NO NO NO NO. I am not who I am, because of how “righteous” i would like to think of myself as. I am not who I am because of “my” right standing with God. 

God CHOSE me. He has CHOSEN to love me besides my mistakes. Besides my screwup. Besides my faults. Yes, we should strive for righteous living. Yes, we should strive to walk the best christian walk we can. But face it, WE CANNOT BE PERFECT. So, therefore, I am subject to God’s grace, and without it I AM NOTHING. 

Thank you father for your grace. Without it, we are destined to failure.Image

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