I am big on the Grace of God as you can tell through several of the past blogs that i have made, but what can i say… I wouldn’t be anything without it. One of the most prime examples of the power of that grace comes from the story of Peter.

Peter was Jesus’ right hand man right? He was the son of God’s go to guy. And at the final supper, here peter is trying to be as close to him as ever. But Jesus says “before the rooster crows a second time, you will deny me 3 times.” WHHHHAAAATT??? no way Jesus!! I would never do such a silly thing! I would die for you bro! 

and guess what happens….

Jesus was right. (Who would have thought it?) 

So after it all goes down, there Peter is, absolutely devastated by his lack of faithfulness to his best friend, the son of God.

But a very short time later, on the day of pentecost what do we get to witness? Peter addressing a massive crowd and preaching the first sermon of the early church… and 3 thousand people accepted salvation that day.

I know that if i were God, i would have a hard time trusting a man that denied me, who had walked beside me for 3-4 years… but that’s just me. God on the other hand, He loves and trusts UNCONDITIONALLY. So he allows Peter to carry out that duty. Introducing the early church. AH-MAZING. 

So it doesn’t matter how much you’ve screwed up. God still loves you, and he still wants to enrich your life through you working for him and his kingdom.

God Bless and Much Love!



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