Where there is no challenge, there is no growth.

About a month ago, I decided i would go and do something ridiculous. There is a mountain about 20 minutes from where i live that challenges your driving abilities just going up it. But i decided I would run up it and down it both. Keep in mind that this mountain has approximately a 18-20% grade the entire way. I started on the top of the mountain, (Being that i was staying there for a college ministry retreat) and also started at 6 o’clock in the morning. 

Now, mostly, I am a weight lifting guy. I do cardio occasionally once in a blue moon, but somehow i stay in relatively good running shape (don’t ask me how haha). This run was 7.2 miles, half being straight down, and the other half being straight up. 

I would be lying if i said that it was easy, because it wasn’t by any means. But during this time of struggle, God really began to speak to me….

On my way back up the mountain, which was super hard, God spoke to me and said “This may be extremely hard, but when you get done, you’ll get to look at where you’ve come from”

So I know we all go through tough times in our lives. We all have high’s and we all have our low’s. But let me encourage you. Even when you’re in the middle of the storm, God is working, and he’s working it all for your good. And when it ends, you’ll get to stand back and say “holy canoly. That was crazy, but my God never fails.”

So be encouraged! Stay strong and fight the good fight! Much Love and God Bless!!






One thought on “Where there is no challenge, there is no growth.

  1. Amen! It is in the middle of the storm we usually seek the Lord and He strengthens us and leads us. Our struggles are to make us closer to Him and more like His Son. Blessings!

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