If Jesus came to your church would you let him in?

So it’s sunday morning, and you decided that today….you were going to look as spiffy as you could. 

I am going to wear my nicest clothes, put on my best smelling cologne, and i’m going to look sharp.

So church starts and worship is going, and you’re standing there as dignified as ever, looking sharp, and you notice the back doors open and someone you’ve never seen walks in. Someone that doesn’t look NEARLY spiffy enough for a sunday morning service. He walks in with mud all over his sandals, and he stinks, has a long ungroomed beard, and a filthy robe… What do you do? seriously…what do you think?

I think to myself “who in the world is this guy?” 

Then all of a sudden it hits you… 

Before it hits you, do you choose to love this man or do you choose to condemn this man?

Do you welcome this man with open arms, or do your judgmental looks tell him he’s better off outside the church doors?

Think about it.

God Bless and Much Love!






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