If you think serving God is boring, then you truly haven’t done it yet.

I hate to get on a soap box, but there’s nothing I can’t stand more than facebook statuses complaining with this title- “Im so bored, some plz txt me” or “bored out of my mind, someone please help me find something to do.”

Maybe i’m cold in this regard, but i can literally think of 1000 things i could be doing at any point in time to keep from being bored. LITERALLY. 1000 THINGS. I have never understood how people can claim to be so bored.

So here we go, i’ll turn it to you Mr. or Mrs. Christian.

Are you a member of the local church who whines and complains about how boring and empty your walk with Christ has been lately? 

Do you feel stagnant? Do you feel tired? 

Guess who’s fault that is? Well it’s not God’s… and let me tell you why. 

God is a God of adventure. He would be tickled pink if you decided one day that you wanted to rejuvinate your walk with him, so you decided that you were going to go minister to people at wal-mart and you were going to completely rely on him.

God longs for that adventure. Look anywhere in the bible and look how God operated. He never set up schedules. He never unveiled his entire plan to anyone at once. He longs for the spontaneous. He longs for the unknown. (well… he knows everything, but he wants that for us.) 

So i’ll leave you with 2 of my favorite quotes… LISTEN UP.

“Don’t live your life as if it’s only purpose is to arrive safely at death.”

“Chase a God-ordained passion that is destined to fail without divine intervention.”

SO HERE WE GO… i challenge you. Quit being bored.

God Bless and Much Love!






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