Transparency…The cure for the church.

I’ll start this blog with a quote from a book i’m currently reading called “Deep & Wide” and it’s about grace. Check this-

“I grew up around people who believed the church was for saved people who acted liked saved people. I’m all to familiar with that church brand. The catch was they they were the ones who decided what acting like a saved person meant. They got to determine which sins saved people could commit and which ones were evidence of being unsaved. Oddly enough, the lists changed every few years. Worse, the lists never coincided with any of the sin listed in the New Testament. For a long time, divorce was on the list. But that one began mysteriously disappearing in the 70’s. Interracial marriage was on there for a while as well. Greed was never included. Nor was slander or gossip. So those who were actually “tossed about with many a conflict, many a doubt, fightings and fears within, without” didn’t feel free to talk about their fightings and fears in those churches.  Instead, they covered everything up. Which, of course, made everything worse. Covering up may keep a person in the good graces of the church, but it only fuels the power of whatever sin one is covering up. Churches designed for saved people are full of hypocrites. You pretty much have to be a hypocrite to participate. Transparency and honesty are dangerous in a church created for church people. Consequently, the casualty in a church for church people is grace. It’s hard to extend grace to people who don’t seem to need it. And it’s hard to admit you need it when you aren’t sure you will receive it.

So, would YOU extend grace to someone who needed it? Do you feel like you would receive it in your church if you needed it?

Something important to think about!

God Bless and Much Love!



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