What other king leaves his throne?

Have any of you guys seen the movie Troy? 

My favorite quote in the entire movie is when Achilles tells king Agamemnon “I long for the day when a king fights his own battles.” (or something along those lines. That’s paraphrasing.) 

Glory Glory, Hallelujah! We have a king who fought his own battle! He left his own throne, his own glory, his heavenly fathers side, to come be beaten, abused, and crucified for my sins and stupid mistakes.

He left it all to die.

To know my pain, to know my hurt, to know ME. to understand where i’m coming from. To get it all. He is all his omnipotence hadn’t experienced flesh and blood. So what did he do? 

He gave it all up to give it a shot. For me. For you.

I am forever thankful for my king who has left his throne, defeated death, and returned unto it once again!

God Bless and Much Love!





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