Love > Law

“It’s a lot harder to sin against love, than the law.”

As we know, sin separates us from God, and before Jesus…we were all in trouble. But he bridged the gap, and took the weight of all our sin and shame, and made a way for us all to know our Lord and Savior personally.

I understand that many preachers, evangelists, and prophets feel the need to let the congregation or individuals know that they are in sin. But why? Usually, when i’m in sin, I’m fully aware of it. Doesn’t it also say that “no man comes to the father, unless the spirits draws him?”

So if you’re a minister and you are reading this and getting offended, please don’t. But please understand that it is not our job to point out people’s sin, It’s the Holy Spirit’s.

I look at it like this… Which was worse growing up? When you did something wrong and got yelled at, or when you made a mistake and got the sweet and gentle, but convicting “I’m disappointed in you” speech?

When I feel the love of God in my life, and I feel the love of others who genuinely care for me, it’s much harder for me to take advantage of their love and sin against it, than it is for me to sin against law that is crammed down my throat by the preacherman up behind the pulpit.

So I challenge you guys… Just LOVE people. You can’t preach the hell out of someone, but i genuinely believe you can LOVE the hell out of people. Love changes everything. It CHANGED everything when there seemed to be no other way. Love never fails.

God Bless and Much Love!



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