The Presence.

“Your presence is all I need, and without it there’s no meaning.”- I will exalt- Bethel Live

I understand the importance of following all the steps in becoming closer to the father. In this list of course are praying, reading the bible, going to church, etc… But i’ve come to understand a simple truth in my own life.

Without the presence of God, I’m no longer alive. My belief in my God has come from direct encounters with him. Times when his presence was so overwhelming that I absolutely couldn’t hold myself together.

So don’t get me wrong, I enjoy church and there have been several times when those “God encounters” happened in a church setting, but more often than not, I experience God’s presence when i’m alone in my truck listening to worship music or just playing my guitar and singing to him.

So let me challenge you all, if your faith has grown heavy or weary, seek THE presence of God. It can come through church, and it can come through the word of God. But don’t seek those things, seek the presence.

Much Love and God Bless



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