It’s not about religion, It’s about relationship.

So many people want nothing to do with Christians, and Christianity because of one reason.

All the religious nonsense that often comes with it. And I can probably say that I don’t blame them.

Jesus didn’t come and die for us so we could get buried in our deep religious ruts in the local church, but he came so we could have life and have that life more abundantly!

Where we as christians fail so often if we tell people that they have to change before they can be a part of our church. Or that “you can’t look that way” when you come to church, or “if you’re going to be a christian, you’re going to have to change a lot of stuff in your life.”

Well… no duh dude.

Obviously they know christianity transforms lives, why do you think they’ve been avoiding it?

SO many people are so caught up in believing that what they are partaking in is WAAAAY more satisfying than anything christianity can give them….so go ahead… tell them about how they will have to change everything and become “civilized” to be a christian… Go ahead an just put the fire out before it ever has a chance to get started.

We are supposed to be living an adventure! And if we would spend less time preaching to people about all the bad things in their lives that they will have to change, and start showing them all the fun and adventure that is to be had in the life of a Christian I think we would see many more lives changed and transformed than we do at the current rate.

“no man can come to the father, unless the spirits draws him.”

So focus on living your adventurous christian life, and let the spirit of God flow throughout you and transform those around you. You don’t have to point out flaws, or sins, or wrongdoings. You just have to offer them something more exciting and more fun than what they are doing right now.

That’s what christianity is supposed to be.

Hope you enjoyed this blog! I did!

Much Love and God Bless!



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