Resurrection Sunday. Woop Woop!

Today is easily my favorite holiday.

Wanna know why?

Close to 2,000 years ago….Today… I was set free.

I feel ashamed to say that I have went my entire life just looking at Easter as something that was tied to Jesus, and not really analyzing the importance of it all, But i must say I have been overwhelmed this weekend thinking about how the disciples watched him take his last breath, then being scared and confused, sat around for 3 days wondering what was next.

Can you imagine? I would dare to say they began to fear that the entire last 3 and a half years of their life was a complete and total waste of time! Yeah, Jesus raised people from the dead, healed people, performed TONS of miracles… but… he just died. We saw it with our own eyes.

But what redemption awaited them all….

On that third morning, it was finished. He completed the cycle. He came through in the clutch. He defied the laws of nature. (But then again, he made those laws.)

And for anyone that would say it’s all a hoax… why would those same disciples nearly ALL die spreading the gospel the rest of their lives, if it was all was in fact a lie. If they had only stolen the body, or somehow his body managed to leave that tomb without God raising him from the dead, why would they give their lives for something they knew was a lie?

Jesus Died. Jesus was risen from the dead. He appeared to his disciples. Then Jesus ascended into heaven.


I hope you’re as touched by it all as I am!

God Bless and Much Love



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