The “actuality” of Christ

Yeah, “actuality” probably isn’t a word. But i’m going for creativity, so just go with it.

So guess what i just finished doing? I JUST finished filling out a missions trip application. A missions trip that is to last 6-8 months. A missions trip that would completely and totally change the rest of my life. One that would be terrifying, but exciting. Joyful and Sorrowful. It would truly allow me to come to life. To live dead.

“he must increase and i must decrease.”

So you’re still probably wondering about the word, right?

Talking about going somewhere unfamiliar for half a year and taking on the jungle of Africa with just a bible in hand sure does sound awesome, but actually doing it….well, that’s something completely different. It’s still awesome, (actually way more awesome than just talking about it) but just really surreal, and just really scary.

So living for Christ isn’t just something that we talk about, it’s something we walk out. There is an “actuality” to it all. It actually has to happen. It actually has to be scary. But guess what, It’s actually the most rewarding thing your soul can and will ever find in this life.

So live it out. Be Bold. Be Courageous.


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