War. What is it good for?

War is an awful thing most of the time. People that we love and care for lose their lives protecting our freedoms, our beliefs, and our lifestyles. No one likes war when they know what effect it will have on their life, for the rest of their life. Tyranny is what we fight against, and freedom is what we fight for. Right? Well…of course in America.

Before I write this, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. I love my country. I love the opportunities that I was born into because of the countless individuals that have died throughout the years to fight for me, before they even knew me. But as I’ve been thinking, I’ve had to ask myself… what’s really worth fighting for?

If called, I would go fight for my country, but I would much rather fight a fight for something that held eternal value. I would much rather give my life for something that holds something of infinite value. Something that never dies. Something that will for all of time and space and creation, still be worth the same value it was the day i gave my life for it.

So if I am going to die for a cause, let it be for Christ. Let it be for the people who, without the testimony of me becoming a martyr, would never know about God. Let it be because I was willing to go into the far corners of the earth to let people know about an eternal infinite love their God has for them. He is good, He is gracious, and He is worth it.

I challenge you, the reader, to evaluate your life, and ask yourself… would I die for the sake of Christ?





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