The Last entry. (Atleast for a while)

So this blogging i’ve been doing is required of me for a college class. But, I must say that I honestly have enjoyed it a lot. I like to talk, but I’ve always hated to write. So initially, I assumed that I wouldn’t enjoy blogging at all, but it has changed my outlook on writing.

Once i get into a stable setting with a little more time on my hands, I look forward to also reading blogs. Right now, I know several people follow my blog, but I would love to follow back and check into what you all have to say!

Just remember guys, I did this wanting it to be ALL ABOUT JESUS. I did that because I want my blog to follow my life. I want to be more and more about Jesus and his stuff everyday. If he’s not guiding me and directing me, then I don’t want to go.

I challenge you all to take on the same mindset. A relationship with God isn’t about your title “christian”. SO really evaluate your relationship with God. Seriously. Do you have a 2-way flow of communication? Do you love him with your whole heart?

If you’re struggling with answering those questions the way you know they need answered, then just seek him a little more. Spend a little more time in his presence. Spend more time in his house.

I can tell you all these steps, but until you FEEL the presence of God in your life, it’s all going to feel as though it’s in vain. When you feel God’s presence…. that’s when everything changes

I love you all (brothers and sisters in christ) and I pray that God’s grace and peace would be upon you in abundance!

Much Love and God Bless!



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