Temptation. And how it’s really not as big a deal as we’ve made it.

“For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.”- Hebrews 2:18

So… for a moment i’m going to get super transparent with you and tell you a little bit about my past. For around 12 years of my life, I struggled with pornography. It was something that never left me alone, and it was always my weakness. And I was ALWAYS trying to just “quit.”

“I have to quit looking at this.” “I” “I’M the one who has to buck up and stop it.”

Well, as great of an approach as this sounds, it failed miserably. It left me trying, then giving back into temptation, feeling guilt and shame (which is only brought on by the enemy), and then falling back into that wicked cycle all over again.

One day I was talking to God about how awful I felt, and “why can’t I beat this thing God?” and I got a word from him.

He told me, “I sent my son to die on the cross so you wouldn’t have to struggle with that nonsense. Not just for your salvation, but for your freedom from bondage. For your right to obtain righteousness. For your right to live a life free from condemnation and guilt and anger. So, when you choose to look at that, you’re neglecting everything i’ve already done for you. I’ve already taken it from you. Just trust me.”

So if anyone reading this right now is struggling with any type of bondage or addiction in their own life, let me encourage you. Just trust jesus, and in your moment of weakness, don’t give in. TURN TO HIM IN THAT MOMENT. He’s hoping you will. Cause he’ll take care of you.

Much Love and God Bless!






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