Procrastination at it’s worst.

So how many of us can be honest and say we are awful procrastinators? I know I can…..unfortunately.

In school, in work, in a lot of stuff… It’s easy to get comfortable being a bum and not wanting to contribute to anything, put effort into anything, and lets be honest, it’s fun being lazy.

But this got me thinking… how does procrastination apply to our lives as christians?

How many times have you heard from nonbelievers that “I can get right with God later, right now I’m having too much fun.” Well, even believers do that too! It’s obviously not to such an extreme, but how many of us try to push away the callings that God has put on our life, so we can pursue our own interests or wants beforehand. How many of us go through times when life gets so busy that God gets put on the back burner?

I would dare to say that is a dangerous thing to do. I won’t lie though, i’ve been there and done that. And there have been times when i pushed him so far away (not intentionally) that it was a massive struggle to regain a passionate relationship with my God. It’s important to evaluate your life as well as your relationship with God on a daily basis, and make sure that “the main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing” which… is your relationship with God on a high!

SO i hope you’ve been blessed by this, and try to take it and apply it to your life!

Much Love and God Bless!




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