Sin is just silly. Juuust a silly little goose.

Why do we suck at eliminating sin in our life?

I have no idea to be honest.

BUT, i think it’s because we are a people who are easily satisified. We forget long-term, and slip into this short-term way of thinking, ALL THE TIME. that’s why we sin.

Most sin is really fun, that’s why we do it. But it’s only fun because of our sinful nature. It says in the bible that when we became saved the old man (the sinful man) was gone away with and the new man (spirit led man) is coming in new. We are no longer “bound by sin”, but we have already been made overcomers. When we CHOOSE to partake in sin, we are denying the cross.

ouch. let me say that again.

When we choose to partake in sin, we are denying the cross.

That’s why sin is just…. well… stupid. We don’t have to under that stupid curse of sin. We, christians, have “the golden ticket” so to speak. I want to take full advantage of what my savior did for me. He not only saved me, but he took away every reason i ever had to be bound by sinful addiction or just sin in general.

Lord, let my life be a complete and total service to you. Let me reflect your glory in my daily walk and most of all, let me walk in the life that you died for me to have. I want to know you more. I want to feel you more.

Hope you all were blessed by this!

Much Love and God Bless!



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